Public Lands in Nevada

Tom served on the National Association of Counties (NACo) Public Lands Steering and the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) Public Lands and Natural Resources Committee. He is committed to protecting Nevada’s mining and ranching interests from ongoing threats of over-regulation by federal agencies and has insisted that local government have a seat at the table as a cooperating and collaborating agency when decisions are made on the “public lands.” He strongly supports an expedited permitting process to prevent unnecessary bureaucracy and put Nevadans to work in high paying, long term employment. He advocates for the expedited transfer of lands dedicated for disposal back to private ownership securing a healthy resource for the Nevada tax base and a positive economic potential. He is a staunch protector of northern Nevada water when it comes to interbasin transfers and insists that northern Nevada water stays in northern Nevada. He fought for continued public lands access through the mapping of RS2477 roads and the multiple use concept. He fought hard for full funding of federal receipts payable to Nevada counties for the loss of property taxes on federal lands within the jurisdiction of Nevada’s 17 counties. PILT payments are an obligation not subject to negotiation. We all must pay our bills. The federal government is no exception.